Hi Folks,

We welcome July this week and must take a minute to look back at the month of June- we are so happy with the farm share this year so far, and despite our usual trials and tribulations with the weather, the variety and quantity in the share this season so far has been our best yet.

Now that we’ve reaped the harvest in June that resulted from our work frantically filling up the greenhouse in march – we were so eager for spring to arrive that we filled that greenhouse to bursting in a matter of days – we can now look ahead to the coming months…..Nightshade season will arrive in August, when peppers, eggplant and tomatoes arrive in such abundance (hopefully) that you can’t even consider going out to dinner! We’ve got a few weeks before the flood of nightshades and so now we bide our time in July with fresh onions, fresh garlic, cucumbers and more….

**We are open for pick up on July 4th, regular hours 1-630pm, thanks….

What’s in the shareroom this week?

One of our favorites- Green Garlic!

Also known as fresh garlic, this seasonal treat is only available for a few weeks. Before you can store garlic, it must be cured, or dried. We do this by hanging it in a barn or a greenhouse where it can have the proper temperature and ventilation. Garlic that hasn’t been cured is known as green garlic. Green garlic must be refrigerated until used. It has a much milder flavor than storage garlic. You can use your
green garlic the same way you would use garlic that has been dried.

Your farm share this week will also include swiss chard, salad mix, summer squash, carrots, zucchini, beets, fennel, scallions, kale, bok choy, chinese cabbage, red baby cabbage and more…..

UPick information

Early flowers are open for picking right in front of the shareroom. This week our main season flowers also open up. Please bring a container for flowers, scissors and water if you can. Our main season flowers are looking amazing and should be open for the rest of the summer- Enjoy!

Herbs including basil, cilantro and dill are open for picking. Take a few handfuls this week.

UPick hours are Monday-Saturday during daylight hours. The farm is closed on Sundays.

Kids activities at the Farm

Every Monday at 3PM through the end of August we will have a story time at the farm! Farm shareholders and storytellers extraordinaire Tom McCabe and Carol Weis will gather with parents and kiddos in the kids area for about a half hour of stories. Please join us!

WEDNESDAYS at 3PM: Join us for a preschool aged farm activity with Annika. This week your kiddos can check out and explore a few different types of soil….as always, come prepared to get dirty….see you soon!