Jiaozi Farm Fresh Dumplings – Tan’s Kitchen Recipe 
-1 napa cabbage
-3 large scallions/green onions
-1 large handful of garlic scapes
-2 to 3 lbs fresh local meat ( we used lamb from Leyden Glen Farm)
-sesame oil
-soy sauce (tamari is yummy)
-red wine vinegar
-Finely chop all vegetables and mix in with meat of choice. Fresh lamb was buttery and delicious but this is commonly done with beef or pork. Check out the Mt. View Farm store or a farmers market for great local options.
-Drizzle soy sauce and sesame oil into mixture and combine. Not too much-enough to help stick. Add salt and pepper as desired.
-In separate bowl: add water to flour until you have a well-kneaded mix. This should be able to not stick to stuff. Hint for dough: keep kneading! 3-6 cups flour depending on amount of filler.
-Cut dough into fourths and roll each quadrant out into a 1 inch diameter tube. Cut tube into 1 inch segments. Sprinkle flour onto each cut piece. Roll segments of dough into 3-5 inch patties. (Apparently, these are called “bin”, which is fun to say as you finish each one.
-Add small amount of vegetable/meat mixture into middle. Look up videos on how to roll/pinch them fancily, but basically fold into half circle and pinch dough together so there is a tight seal.
-Bring large pot of water (half full!) to boil. Add a bunch of potstickers, stir well so they don’t stick- a pinch of oil (salt’s good now, too). When water comes to a boil again, add large glass of water. Once they come to a boil, your meal is ready…almost. (Careful not to puncture as you extract from water. Do not just dump and drain.)
-Dipping Sauce: 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part red wine vinegar, Sriracha or other sauce, to taste.)