Source:, Andy Baraghani, January 2017

4 medium Persian cucumbers
2 pints cherry tomatoes
¼ cup fresh lime juice, divided
¼ cup olive oil, divided
Flaky sea salt
2 teaspoons crushed dried or fresh mint


Make a diagonal cut on 1 end of cucumber; discard piece. Roll cucumber a quarter turn toward you, then cut again on the diagonal about 1″ from cut end (we call this a roll cut in culinary school) so piece has 2 angled ends. Repeat until cucumber is chopped, then do the same with remaining cucumbers. Gently smash tomatoes with a mug or small saucepan until flesh starts to break apart.

Place tomatoes and cucumbers in 2 separate medium bowls. Divide lime juice and oil between bowls and toss to coat; season generously with salt. Transfer tomatoes and cucumbers to a small platter and top with mint.